mass finishing technology

Unimagined potential: As part of our daily work we find solutions for the processing of surfaces, develop processes and continually optimise them. In doing so, everyday both our customers and we ourselves are inspired, which potential the modern mass finishing technology offers with its diversity of variants

Mass finishing is a mechanical and chemical working procedure for processing surfaces. Abrasives in specific geometries, and sizes (adjusted to the work piece) and work pieces are brought together in the bowl of the machine in a relative motion, whereby water and liquid burnishing compounds control the surface treatment.

The metal removal, look and surface structure depend on the composition and size of the polishing and grinding materials, as the system technological settings determine the specific grinding pressure on the work pieces. Mass finishing has proven to be an efficient means of surface treatment. Due to the innovative developments, today it has an important place in the manufacturing processing of metallic series and mass-produced parts

The user benefits from the wide range of technical procedure possibilities for problem solving. On the basis of its exceptional
efficiency, mass finishing systems offer economically viable solutions for the most diverse ranges of applications. Our company is a specialist in the using this technology as a service.

Our customers deliver work pieces to us with the corresponding requirements and we develop a high quality and economically viable process.